Tree Services

Leave Your Problem Trees to the Pros

We offer regular tree trimming and tree removal services in Arvada & Wheat Ridge, CO

Your landscape would look boring and bare without trees to add shade, color and scenery. But one storm can cause serious trouble to your tree if they're not trimmed and pruned carefully. That's where Branching Out Tree Service comes in. We provide a range of tree services in the Arvada & Wheat Ridge, CO areas. From seasonal tree trimming and storm damage tree removals to pest and disease management tree care services, we're the company to call for any tree service.

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Our services at a glance

Pruning or removing a tree from your lawn may seem like an easy enough project, but things can quickly go wrong. That's why it's always a good idea to hire Branching Out Tree Service for tree services. We're available to help you with...

  • Tree removal services - We'll provide tree risk assessments to determine the safety of your trees before they fall, and we'll clean up trees that do come down during a storm.
  • Tree trimming services - We'll remove hazardous branches and reshape your trees to keep them safe during summer thunderstorms and frozen winters.
  • Tree care services - We can prune, fertilize and mulch around your trees to encourage new growth, and we provide pest and disease management to keep them healthy.

When we remove trees, we can also grind up the stump and leave you with the firewood from the tree trunk. We can also trim and prune your bushes while we're cleaning up your trees.

You can count on us to keep your trees as safe and healthy as possible. Call 720-772-8253 today to schedule a consultation.